Myspace; You Can Have It

Odds are good I’m finally gonna delete my Myspace profile. It’s fine that they have the best SEO ever. The new player doesn’t interrupt your surfing while my music plays. When I upload or play my own music, it’s in your feed, if you’re my friend, all of which is cool. What’s NOT cool is when the player starts playing Nickelback as soon as I stop feeding it, while also broadcasting to my friends that I’m that douche who’s the reason you have to listen to Nickleback. I’m not about to diss or unfriend people who sincerely love Nickleback, cuz that ain’t what I’m about. However, I’ve been known to unfriend people who merely put words in my mouth, let alone music, but Myspace ain’t a person, and Nickleback ain’t a taste I want in my mouth.


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