I started recording and the serious study of music in general and the saxophone in particular at about the same time, though it took quite a while for the two to really come together. I spent the equivalent of a Berklee education on music trade magazines, in learning production techniques and am mainly self-educated on the music side, as well. Today, I sing and play a dozen or so instruments and am capable of taking a music project from conception to finish, including the songwriting and sound design at one end and the mastering and package design at the other, though for preference, I’d by far rather not do it alone; I love being part of a band, where the synergy produces something greater than the sum of the parts, and the thrill of performing for a truly appreciative audience is better than sex. (or nearly, anyway; the only thing that might beat it is having sex in front of an appreciative audience) Nailing a performance in the studio is almost as good, but you get to hear it more than once, AND you can reproduce the experience for your friends and neighbors, so it’s really hard to pick jes’ one.


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