Music Exec Buys Full Page Ad To Slam Grammys

Firstly, if you’re not a voting member of NARAS, you have no right to bitch. Secondly,there are plenty of masturbatory self-congratulatory award shows based purely on sales/popularity, which is to not even mention the cash that goes with those sales. My bank won’t let me deposit a Grammy, don’t know ’bout yours. Thirdly, strain though I might, I don’t hear messrs Bieber and Mathews complaining; hey, ink is ink and cash is money. Grammys are based on voting by our peers, not our peeps, and music is a lot bigger than the three genres that sell, bigger than the narrow demographic that buys the most music.

NARAS members are musicians, producers, engineers, technicians, managers and promoters; professionals of every stripe and color, but what brings us together is that we listen, we swim in a sea of music all day, every day, it’s how we make our living. (at least enough of a living to pay our membership dues) Given that, should we expect the Grammys to always get it right? Hells, no; the culture of music producers is different than that of the public at large, and there’s bound to be some myopia involved. Add to that the fact that NARAS membership tends to skew way older than the demographic that buys music, and you’ll begin to understand the disparity. Grammy is particularly bad at bestowing Best New Artist honors, can you guess why? Those of you who answered, “label hype”, give yourself a gold star; you can wear it to next year’s bash. I hope I see you there.


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