News Flash:

Teens have always listened to crap music; in the Nineties, there was Alternative/Grunge crap, some pop dross, and dance music. In the Eighties we had a bunch of New Wave crap, some Pop dreck, and dance music.In the Seventies, we had some singer/songwriter crap, some Pop drivel and too much Disco. I think the early Aughts (AKA the Naughties) through the Teens will go down as a really great period in music, cuz so much more music is getting made now; yeah, most of it’s still crap and it’ll likely take a lot longer to winnow out the wheat germ, but music is doing jes’ fine thanks, except a lot of great new stuff hasn’t been heard, yet. If you listen to oldies stations, it’s easy to think music was better then, because they’ve filtered out all the noise and crap. There’s so much great new music, there’s little excuse for settling for corporate radio, all that’s needed is web access and some good filters of your own choosing. I love rock’n’roll at least as much as Joan Jett, but the fact is, all throughout those decades, while there’s been some really good rock music on commercial, terrestrial radio, the real thing has never been all that popular, except in the Fifties, when the teen market and rock’n’roll really intersected.There were more Pat Boones than Elvises, even so. The cool thing about the Sixties was that by then, the teen and adult markets had diverged so much that record execs didn’t have a clue what would sell; they’d throw anything at the wall to see what stuck. (how else to explain The Mothers Of Invention?) Even so, there were six Partridge Families for every Zombies. (not that there’s anything wrong with that) It’s a lot like that today; nobody has a clue what to sell nor how to sell it. Carpe Diem.


One thought on “News Flash:

  1. You couldn’t be more Kogent if you were to shave your head and go by the name of “Tele”. And for those of us making music for expression, it’s a great time to be alive. Even bad, this ocean is all good cause it’s not manipulated by greedy sharks (yet).

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