Ann Coulter

I tried to read Ann Coulter’s book, just out of fairness, but it’s so poorly written, I couldn’t stand it. Never mind her insane political views, the woman is too stupid to write a book. I see these books in people’s houses, and I know now that they couldn’t possibly have read them, so why are they there? I’m gonna guess that they want us to think they’re smart. Well, that plan just backfired, as far as I’m concerned. Sure, Rush Limbaugh’s first couple of books were entertaining, and outline some basic conservative principles that I hold very dear, only they contained next to no factual data, as was ably proven, with real, actual research by Team Franken, but Ann Coulter? Barely ranks above B-grade Jackie Collins. I get that a lot of blue collar conservatives believe that if they try to think like rich people, they’ll become rich, but in this country, thinking like the so-called ‘conservative’ elites just makes you an asshole.


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