The Healthcare Showdown

Pundits downplaying the issues and what’s at stake? What about a Congressman beating another Congressman nearly to death with his cane, breaking it in the process, and supporters sending him thousands of canes-this has HAPPENED, already. Do we want more of the same? Obama won huge last night, despite the best efforts of some members of his own party. Please don’t let the spinmeisters sell you the idea that Obama and the Democrats somehow subverted the will of the people; our system is better than that, and polls bear it out: sixty percent of Americans polled agree that something HAD to be done about our broken healthcare system. I believe that now that it’s been agreed that something MUST be done, the right thing to do has a chance to prevail. You didn’t really think it was over, right? Nice thing about a democratic republic, nothing’s ever really over. And odds are pretty good that if we need to change it back, we can do that, too. Now, ain’t them founding fathers smart?


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