The Death Penalty

The death penalty is the reason I never ran for political office; I’ve flip-flopped on the issue several times. When I was young and innocent, I believed no one deserved to die. Now that I’m older, I realize we all do, and we all will. Later in life, I believed that the death penalty was a good idea, even if it didn’t reduce crime rates, because it would result in zero recidivism for at least one inmate in particular. I also believed a rope was cheaper than a prison, but as I learned more, I began to realize that in the specific case of the US justice system, it does indeed cost more to kill a prisoner than to keep him alive. I still felt death sentences were justified on moral grounds. This is what I’ve learned since: If we are to be a truly moral society, we must learn that final justice belongs to God and God only, because man’s justice is forever fatally flawed. The death penalty must be abolished.


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