We’re #26,454

That’s the Double a Daddies’ current global rank on Reverbnation. It doesn’t really seem like an encouraging number; it’s almost a little depressing to know that there’s at least 26,453 artists doing better at promoting themselves, but I find reasons for optimism. For one, it leaves lots of room for improvement, and I expect it’ll motivate us to work a little harder, do a little better at letting people know about what we think is some pretty cool music. We wouldn’t play it if we didn’t love it, and it stands to reason that at least a few other folks will love it, too. Second, we’re not one in a million, or a half million. I’ve no earthly clue how many bands there are, or how many are on Reverbnation, but if there are 100,000, that would mean we’re among the top twenty-five percent, and the numbers continue to rise. I find that very encouraging. So thank you for clicking and listening and downloading and coming to shows, making us part of the soundtrack to your life. To paraphrase George Clinton, thanks for lettin’ us do it to ya in the earhole.


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