If radio whizzes you off, it probably just means you’re smarter and have better taste than the average radio listener, which may not be saying much. [shrugs] The quality music tends to persist; much of the great music of the sixties and seventies was ignored by the mainstream in its day, but was treasured and passed along to siblings and offspring by those who shared a passion for great and timeless music.

Radio is designed to favor music that’s ‘of the moment’, but the real art that illuminates our lives and delineates our dreams will always outlast the sort of music that functions as a soundtrack for a shallow and unexamined life. (or the soundtrack for your cousin’s kegger) Maybe we can’t fix what’s wrong with radio, but we can share our love of truly outstanding musical culture with those we care about the most; play ‘em the good stuff, drag ‘em to a show……heck, drag ‘em to my show, heh. ;


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