Jim Beam has a very good reputation among whiskeys, but most folks don’t know that Beam’s greatest contribution to mankind is their RYE whiskey, bourbon fans should steer well clear of Beam products.


4 thoughts on “Whiskey

  1. I once had a dancing job; never had a f_____g job, but it sounds awfully fun. Can I call your mom to get some pointers?

  2. I’m actually a fan of Beam products. Bookers, Bakers, Knob Creek, and Basil Hayden. I’ve even drank with Fred Noe … the great grandson of Jim Beam.

  3. A real nice bunch of folks, all of ’em, so was Mr. Jack Daniels, but bless their hearts, I still don’t like their bourbon, unless it’s in a coke. (speaking only of the white label Beam and Jack Black, here, haven’t had the Hayden, nor the Knob Creek) I did try the Booker Noe, once, and recall it as stout, pungent, with a nice mouth feel and a dry finish; comparable to Old Ezra, but a bit more refined. Spendy proposition, either of ’em on a musician’s budget, heh.

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