What Are You In For?

It’s a question one prisoner might ask another, but I’m asking it in the context of music and the industry, or more specifically, the industry, because nobody makes music to make money; not really. If they did, I doubt they’d be any good at it. I’ve always made music for nothing, out of whatever goodness is left in my crusty heart. I do, however, demand payment for hauling all the expensive and heavy equipment out to the van, up the stairs into the club, back to the van, and home again. Maybe that makes me more stevedore than musician, but I kinda prefer to be called the latter.

I actually think anyone that wants to be famous is most likely insane. I’ll have to read the book by noted narcissist Dr. Drew Pinsky to know for sure. Which brings me to Amanda Overmyer. No, she’s not going to be appearing on the next season of celebrity rehab, as far as I know, it’s that in terms of degrees of separation, I’m closer to Ms. Overmyer than Ghandi or Barack; had I one to give, I could’ve given her a social disease. Relax, it just means I know people who know Amanda, some of them in the Biblical sense, which is how I know that some of her former bandmates were hounded by tabloid media offering fistfuls of cash for any dirt they could get on her for a period of months while she was on American Idol.

Dr. Drew is right, evolution has not given human beings the tools to deal with that level of craziness. I’m probably the most shameless person I know, and I shudder to think what some of my acquaintances might be willing to reveal about me just to get on TV.

So I’m not in ‘the life’ (don’t prostitutes call it that?) for money, and certainly not for fame, though one needs to achieve at least a little of the latter to make any of the former. You know that moment where you lose yourself in the music and nothing else matters? That’s what I’m in for. I wish everybody could feel like that all the time, and I’m always trying to make it happen. You should come get some of this; I’m practically giving it away.


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